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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 plus quick review

So far I'm really liking the Samsung Galaxy S10.  I'm coming from a droid turbo 2 that had great battery life.  With the S10 plus and optimizing the battery saving options I'm getting battery life equivalent to the droid turbo 2 I had or better.

Samsung One UI
Seems reasonably fast and does what I need.  A little bit getting used to but seems fine.

I've only used the fingerprint scanner which often doesn't let me in.  See this article for some help with that improving the accuracy.  I didn't use face unlock given it's 2d nature chances are it's not a secure option or as secure as fingerprint should be.  That said there was a report about any fingerprint unlocking an S10 device with certain screen protectors.

Beautiful, bright, probably one of the or the best display out right now at the time of this writing.

Amazing battery life. Tuned I take my phone off the charger at about 6am and it goes back on the charger at midnight and I usually have 70-75% battery left and have had about 2 hours of screen on time or so.  I'm using night mode with dark wallpaper with battery optimizations enabled.

It's a little big but manageable for my small hands

The operations and games seem plenty responsive/fast.  I've only tried a couple games but they all seemed to run well.

Phone calls
Voice calls seem clear, and loud enough.  It might be a tiny bit softer than I'm used to but seems fine.

The camera
The front selfie camera cutout is a little weird for most apps it's not distracting given it's up where the status/notification bar is.   The camera's take great pics.  Zoom, wideangle all give you some great options to get more in your pics or closer.  The colors are often vibrant.  In lower light levels the pics aren't quite as good as outdoor well let pics, but still usually good.


Great battery life
Great screen
Should get Android 10 soon
Lots of features/configurations and options
Lots of accessories available for it
Nice camera's/options

Kind of big
Worried about it easily breaking (but it hasn't yet and it seems built well... but its glass on front and back)
Fingerprint scanner isn't very accurate - doesn't work often and reports of under certain conditions any fingerprint working

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