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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 plus fingerprint accuracy problems improvements/ fixes

Well you've probably heard the stories in the news that the S10 will let anyone in with a fingerprint and the right screen protector.  Mine however doesn't like to let me in much at all.

I did however find ways to improve the accuracy

1. When you add the finger print notice exactly where you are pressing your thumb and try to center your thumb in the same place - when doing it press like you would really do when trying to access your phone.  If you normally do it single handed try to hold your phone exactly the way you would normally pick it up and press your thumb that way

2. Add multiple fingerprints but of the same finger/thumb (I think it allows 4).  This allows for more samples. Do them the same as mentioned above.

3.  When trying to access your phone position your thumb centered precisely how you added your fingerprints in the first place.  Really try to get it in a similar location.

I've noticed finger positioning and multiple fingerprints can help significantly.

Some people have noted that turning on touch sensitivity in Settings->Display-> Touch Sensitivity helped them for me that didn't seem to help.

This was on android 9.

Update: 10/25/19
Just got the security update that fixes the fingerprint reader issue when there is a certain type of screen protector.  It mentioned redoing the fingerprints if you had that type of screen protector.  Since I don't I just installed it and used it.  It actually seems to make the recognition significantly better.   I've only been using it a little in the past few hours but seems improved to be.

Update 11/1/19 fingerprint is a little better with the update sometimes but still not very reliable.  Careful finger positioning helps a lot but still not all the time.

Update: 11/15/19 I had the original screen protector on that got lifted up and bent.  I replaced with another plastic type screen protector and that seems to have actually improved the fingerprint recognition a little.  It still seems hit or miss but with the new protector and good thumb positioning it is better than before.

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