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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

One of the coolest things you might not be using on your Samsung Galaxy S10 or even earlier phones Secure Folder

Secure folder is what also has referred to as Knox.  It's a secure container to run android apps in.  It allows you to separate work apps from your home apps on your personal phone.  If your office is like mine they want you to install an app on your phone that allows them to see all of your data and wipe it in case you lose your phone to protect their data on your phone.  With secure folder if you put that app and the other apps you need for work in the secure folder, their apps can only see and delete the files in the secure folder.

This is a great way to separate home and work.

Secure folder could be used for another purpose.  To sandbox applications you want to run but ask for ridiculous permissions they shouldn't need.  Like a calculator app asking for access to your contacts and storage files.  If you only ran that app in your secure folder there would be no contacts for the app to find or files for it to see so granting it that access wouldn't cause any problems.

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