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Monday, May 20, 2019

Watch shows like it was 1996! -You might want to stop binge watching Anime now!

I know in the age of Hulu, Netflix, crunchyroll, funimation, vrv.co you can power through that anime series in a few nights.  Binge watching can be great to catch up on a show or to not have to wait to see the next show. (With Netflix being founded in 1997)

Here's the problem... if you binge watch that show, often times it can take a year or even two before they come out with more shows, and if you wait for dubbed that could be another year or more.  So in the meantime you have to live perhaps several years without getting a new fix of your favorite show.

As I finished a good show I found myself wishing there were more new ones to watch with my favorite characters.

So I decided to take a lesson from the old days...Instead you could view the shows how they were originally intended to be shown...one show once per week. Yes it's old fashioned and slow, but if you would like to savor the show and not have as long between when it's over till when you get new shows (if it still airing) then back to network style may help you.

I've set up my own show schedule I stick to.  Since the Anime episodes are often short around 24 minutes I can fit sometimes 2,3 or 4 different shows a night.  So now a getting through 12 episodes of a show takes 12 weeks instead of a few days.

I didn't know if I could stick with a schedule, I put it into a spreadsheet... surprisingly it's been pretty easy to stick to and I've been happier I'm not finishing my favorite shows so quick.  I look forward to my scheduled day for my favorites... never thought I'd be wishing for the old days of network style tv scheduling again... but I guess it happened.

Hope you enjoy your shows!

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