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Friday, May 24, 2019

Oculus Quest Short Review - Amazing- VR is the future of gaming

Monday, May 20, 2019

Watch shows like it was 1996! -You might want to stop binge watching Anime now!

I know in the age of Hulu, Netflix, crunchyroll, funimation, vrv.co you can power through that anime series in a few nights.  Binge watching can be great to catch up on a show or to not have to wait to see the next show. (With Netflix being founded in 1997)

Here's the problem... if you binge watch that show, often times it can take a year or even two before they come out with more shows, and if you wait for dubbed that could be another year or more.  So in the meantime you have to live perhaps several years without getting a new fix of your favorite show.

As I finished a good show I found myself wishing there were more new ones to watch with my favorite characters.

So I decided to take a lesson from the old days...Instead you could view the shows how they were originally intended to be shown...one show once per week. Yes it's old fashioned and slow, but if you would like to savor the show and not have as long between when it's over till when you get new shows (if it still airing) then back to network style may help you.

I've set up my own show schedule I stick to.  Since the Anime episodes are often short around 24 minutes I can fit sometimes 2,3 or 4 different shows a night.  So now a getting through 12 episodes of a show takes 12 weeks instead of a few days.

I didn't know if I could stick with a schedule, I put it into a spreadsheet... surprisingly it's been pretty easy to stick to and I've been happier I'm not finishing my favorite shows so quick.  I look forward to my scheduled day for my favorites... never thought I'd be wishing for the old days of network style tv scheduling again... but I guess it happened.

Hope you enjoy your shows!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

What Anime's take themselves seriously?

There are lots of Anime out there.  I find I often like the ones that have a good story, and take the story seriously without throwing in too much cartoonish like animation styles or actions/dialogue. (Great musical score doesn't hurt either).

For those that also like that type of Anime, here is a list I've compiled so far.

Attack on Titan
Darker than Black
Cyborg 009
Fate stay night
Fate stay night unlimited blade work
Fate stay zero
Fate stay apocrypha
Fate stay Last Encore
Fate / Grand  Order
Fate stay Heaven's Feel movies
Godzilla 1 and 2 (Netflix Anime Movies)
Gun Gale Online
Knights of Sidonia
Robotech (Older style Anime but a good story)
Sword Art Online
Sword Art Online II
Sword Art Online Alicization
Tokyo Ghoul

Of these I highly recommend the fate stay series start with Unlimited Blade works, Bleach, Sword Art Online 1-3, Attack on Titan.

Here are some that may also fall into that category but I have not watched the full series yet:
code Geass
Black Clover
Mobile Gundam Wing 0079

Here are some that crossed the line for me in some way, either too much fan service, cartoonish acting/animation, characters a little to crazy but I still liked them enough to keep watching (though sometimes have cringy moments):

A certain Magical Index (definitely goes overboard on cartoonish/fan service)
Fairy tail (Much more cartoonish )
Naruto (I've only seen a few episodes.  A little more cartoonish but interesting)
One Punch Man
My Hero Academy
Full metal Alchemist Brotherhood (Just started watching this one)

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Why you should start watching Anime shows now

Here is why you should start watching Anime now

More Great shows to watch

If you are a big tv show fan you are inevitably going to run out of your favorite shows, or their season ended or show ended.

Not just for kids
Many Anime's target is for the older crowd.  Don't believe me ?  Watch something like Attack on Titan if that is a genre you like, definitely not for kids.  A lot of anime are TV-14 or MA rated.

Most of sword art online is pretty tame but near the ending is definitely not for kids.

They cover the  gambit of genre's
You can find all of the genre's for tv shows in Anime.

Some great stories
Let's face it not all stories can be told on a live action tv show cost effectively, Anime offers a great way to tell stories that might be otherwise hard or expensive to do in live action.

For some great stories see Anime's like:
Sword Art Online
Fate stay night (and the related series fate stay night UBW and fate zero, etc.)
Some of the older anime styles are a little harder to watch today but have some great stories (i.e. Robotech/Macross saga)
(I liked the Aldnoah Zero story I know some folks don't find this the most popular Anime)

Some far out stories
There are definitely stories you would probably never see in live action as they are a bit outlandish but can be fun to watch.

There are many english dubbed Anime's
You don't have to watch them in Japanese with english subtitles there are many english dubbed that are great to watch.

The music
Often Anime for openings and endings use original full songs unlike U.S. shows that often just have some instrumental music which doesn't build the same connection with you and the show as actual songs do.  When you find an anime with great music try listening to the music when you are done.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised See: http://www.techzoink.com/2019/04/like-anime-you-might-be-missing-out-on.html

Where can you find these to watch