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Friday, April 5, 2019

Like Anime? You might be missing out on something great!

If you like Anime you may or may not have noticed something different about the Anime shows compared to most regular live action U.S. TV shows.  (Lots of people found this out, though it took me a while).

Most of the Anime shows have theme (and closer) songs (and other sometimes original songs) that are more like a pop song.  Many U.S. TV shows have just instrumental or thematic music that perhaps some people could listen to continually but you don't really hear the theme of Star Trek or Star Wars played on your local pop radio station.    They sound great but just aren't the sort of things people generally like to listen to on a pop radio station.

Anime songs are often very different much more like a pop song that makes them much nicer to listen to.  You've probably developed an attachment to the shows song you didn't realize until you listen to them as part of your playlist.

Load them up on your spotify playlists now for all your favorite shows and see what you think.
You can usually find them by searching spotify for the show name through playlists or even through soundhound and shazam apps! Yep they work on many Anime tunes!

I know you are saying how can I listen to those, I can't even understand the words.  First there are a lot of Anime songs that throw in a little English here and there.  Even without English though the tunes are often quite catchy and nice to listen to.

If you still can't see yourself listening to them, then you haven't discovered that there are people doing great English covers of the Japanese Anime songs!   (These are the basically the same music with roughly translated or original lyrics that align with show content)

One example of someone doing amazing English covers of these songs is youtube star Amanda Lee (aka AmaLee).  Can find those on spotify, youtube and I'm sure other locations.  (Known for some great ones for Sword Art Online (1 and 2) and Aldnoah.Zero - I like all of them though, she has an amazing voice.)  Some other shows with some decent music: Bleach, Fairy Tail, Fate stay night and related series. (and I'm sure a lot more!)

I actually like both her covers and the original songs or Japanese covers (sometimes its hard to find the original artist songs for a show) and add both to my spotify playlist.

Some tips: There are many covers of songs on spotify so they may not be exactly how you originally remember them (many of them are pretty good though).  To find originals: Search online especially youtube if you can't find the originals and then sometimes can use that to search better on spotify.  For example searching on youtube you might find the artist and song name both english and japanese artist / song names and use those to search better on spotify.  Also use wikipedia sometimes they mention the original artist and song names or on some of the anime sites.  (Some hints: Artists: Muray , Miura Jame I believe are mostly doing covers - many though are very good.  Also PelleK is another cover band)

Also some of the song artists can be hard to find because some are not really singers by trade, some are actually the original Japanese voice actors singing the songs you are familiar with.  I've still had pretty good luck find the on youtube.  Spotify can sometimes be trickier to find the originals rather than a cover.

I wish more U.S. TV shows had more original pop songs as themes and closer songs as after experiencing the great songs for Anime' it had me wishing my favorite live action regular shows had such great listenable tunes (I think Hollywood may be missing out on a marketing opportunity linking a great original song with a show.)    I never realized the connection I had developed to these tunes until I started listening to them separately from the shows.

I also find that I don't like listening to instrumental too often and at work listening to songs with english vocals can be too distracting but the Anime Japanese songs since I can't understand the vocals aren't distracting and are better than pure instrumental.

I hope you enjoy listening to the great Anime show songs out there as well!

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