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Monday, May 1, 2017

Are fitness trackers saving lives?

There are at least a few stories coming in about how fitness trackers have clued in their wearer to heart problems that may have helped them get to a doctor to treat their heart conditions and perhaps save their lives.

In this article a fitness tracker helps doctors decide on the right treatment for a heart condition:
Source Article by Komando

This women had a dangerously high heart rate that her fitness tracker informed here about:
See this source article.

This student found she had a heart condition:
Source article

Another young mother found she had a heart condition thanks to her fitness tracker:
Source Article fitness tracker 

You can find our list of the best fitness trackers here.
Make sure to pick one with continuous heart rate monitoring if you are hoping to catch scenarios like above.

Should remember though fitness trackers are not medical devices and there are even possible lawsuits that suggest they may be inaccurate but apparently it seems like that hasn't prevented them from possibly helping some folks.

Other fitness trackers can be found here:

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