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Monday, April 24, 2017

PureVPN - Has some of the best security options for a VPN

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Pure VPN Review

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VPN's are becoming more popular with the advent of concerns about security/privacy.  A VPN can be a good way to safeguard your privacy and anonymity.  It is important to realize you are trusting the VPN provider and their statements over your current ISP.  You should be looking for statements that say they don't log anything so if they were hacked or authorities asked them for information there would be none to provide.

PureVPN Privacy Policy


PureVPN has some features for android that few other VPN's can compare with.

Some important features
- Disconnect internet when VPN is lost
This is important so that if you are accessing a site you don't want your ISP to be able to tell, if the VPN disconnects it would otherwise go right to your ISP.  But with this feature it will block the request until the VPN is backup.

- Split VPN - you choose which apps use the VPN.
This is important for helping with anonymity as it allows you to select only the apps you want to use the VPN.  This is important because most VPN's have all apps use the VPN that means if you are on android for example your email might pull from your account so your IP address from the VPN would be recorded there effectively with your name on it.  Because that IP address is shared it doesn't prove that other sites visited were by you but they might be able to correlate your requests then in time once they know your IP.  The split VPN option makes sure if you only want to use Chrome through the VPN no other apps will be sending data through the VPN and using the same ip address.

- VPN Mode
Internet Freedom
File sharing

These modes let you optimize for your particular need. 


Normal ISP

5 MB/s download
2.4MB/s upload

1.74 MB/s download
0.18 MB/s upload

(This was configured in the Security/Privacy Mode)

This was configured to go from U.S. to U.S. server so should have been the fastest.
VPN's will always slow down your connection due to the encryption and additional overhead.

Web page performance  was a little slow with some starts and stops
Streaming video with streaming mode occasionally would pause but then run well.

We saw some disconnects while using in security or streaming mode that are especially annoying when the option to stop internet when it disconnects is on since everything pauses and needs to be reloaded.


The Pure VPN seems to offer an initial free trial up to a data limit so try it out.  Our tests were with this temporarily free portion of the service  While it can be slow at times, it was workable to get the extra security a VPN offers, since few others provide the option of split VPN or those VPN modes.  It should also be known they support OpenVPN if you don't wish to install their client.

While the speed and disconnections were a annoying, if you want some of the best VPN security, our suggestion is give it a try since this seems to have some of the best security options, in spite of it's slowness and some disconnections. 

(This was tested on android with the PureVPN app)

 To download PureVPN Visit Here
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And alternative VPN we liked but just didn't have the split VPN feature was NordVPN.

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