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Monday, March 27, 2017

Need a good less expensive phone for your kids (or anyone) they will actually like? try the Samsung Galaxy J3

Your kid will thank you for this phone.  It looks similar to the more expensive Samsung Galaxy S series, but won't break the bank like those models.

The performance is great for a phone in this cost range.

The 5.0” HD Super AMOLED display looks great.  Its not high resolution like its bigger cousin but most folks really don't need screens like that.  These screens look bright, great and for this price range its perfect.

With 16 GB of built in memory
2-megapixel front camera and a 5-megapixel rear camera
You can add memory with an SD card.

The phone speed is good.  Its fluid and can even run many games

Amazon: Samsung Galaxy J3 J32A Unlocked Smartphone, 16GB, 1.5GB RAM, U.S. Warranty (White)

If you plan on the phone mostly being for emergencies and you or your kids can live without data Tracfone plans can be a pretty good value.  If you purchase a 365 day plan for around ~$50 (they only offer that when you are purchasing minutes through their site and they will offer as an add on - it costs $99 purchased separately but still a pretty good deal) thats less than 5 dollars (or <$9 ) a month, and if you don't really use the minutes unless emergencies load with 180 minutes for ($19.99 if you have a SIM card or phone they consider a 3 times face value)  Then that's still $10 a month equivalent for a phone (there is no data plan and you'll need to pay more if you use your minutes but not too bad compared to the $40 or $50 plans from most main stream carriers).  If your kids use texts you could run out of texts pretty easy.  You can reload 1000 text messages for around $5 though.

Adding data can get fairly pricey at around $10 per gig of data.

You'll need to buy a sim kit from tracfone and install it to have this phone work on their network.

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