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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Dell XPS 13 - 16GB i7 512GB review (one of the best ultrabooks)

The Screen

The screen on these units are beautiful.  Good contrast, and color, nearly edge to edge.  These units are even smaller than the older XPS 12 units with the convertible screens due to the bevel they had.
The screens are a bit on the reflective side so have quite a bit of glare.  The high resolution screen works great for almost everything except when you want to remote in with RDP to another machine that has a different resolution.  In that case it was hard to read things in that screen resolution.  It was hard to find a satisfying resolution in that case,  Using lower res it was possible but then it used up much less of the screen.  Other than that though the screen has been great.  I find I don't use the touch screen at all though.

The overall speed of this machine feels good.  On par with what you would expect in this category for an ultrabook i7.

Touch pad
The touchpad is much better on the XPS  13 than their old XPS 12 laptops.  I much prefer a mouse than a touchpad, but the touchpad on this laptop is pretty good.

Dock - Thunderbolt (not included with the XPS 13)
The dock using thunderbolt had issues charging the unit when the laptop was completely without power.  We had to upgrade the firmware to improve things for the laptop.  We still had some issues, I suspect the dock may have had problems.  I didn't use all of the functionality on the dock, mostly just used it for charging.  The normal laptop power charging adapter always worked fine even when the dock did not.

Weight and Size
This laptop feels great, solid, excellent sizing.

Battery Life
Initially had problems with the laptop not wanting to stay asleep or stay shutdown, this could have been due to re-imaging the laptop the we did.   After some tweaking we were at least able to get it to stay shutdown.  Might have been better if we kept the original factory image.

Battery life varied, I didn't do a rundown test but it seemed like it was about average for a laptop of this configuration.

The laptop build/weight feels great, solid, well built.  The excellent screen, decent speed and battery life make this a really nice laptop.  One of the few I've seen that compete with the ultrabook size/weight/performance.  It is a pleasure to use, and carry around when you need to.  We did encounter those couple issues with the machine not sleeping (possibly our fault), and issues with the dock.  All is working well now.  If you want a machine with good speed, graphics, weight, a little on the pricey side but for the weight class its about in line with the category.

Amazon link:Dell XPS9350-8008SLV 13.3" 3200x1800 Laptop (Intel Core i7-6560U 2.2GHz Processor, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SDD, Windows 10 Microsoft Signature Image) Silver

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