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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Windows 10 upgrading - Try it or not?

First question: How do you upgrade?
Either do all of the windows updates offered to a windows 7, 8.1 PC until you see a little window icon on your taskbar to click.
Go to the media creation tool from Microsoft: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10
and choose upgrade this pc now and you can avoid waiting for you reservation.

My first experience with upgrading to Windows 10 was not a good one.  I tried it on a Dell XPS 12 and the wireless didn't work after upgrading.  Luckily Windows 10 has an easy restore button that works some of the time.  So I did that to get back to Windows 8.1.  I got up the nerve to try it on a Dell 410, but it switched the default monitor on me and made it hard to use (and it seemed a little slow), so I rolled back.  I decided to try it on a Dell XPS 8500 but decided to back it up just in case first.  This one I knew ahead of time of the potential troubles.  I also found some articles to solve an issue with the Cisco VPN software I use. Good thing I backed up as the rollback wasn't an option for some reason on that machine.  Luckily though I figured out how to get the Cisco VPN working and all is good now.

Then I decided to give the Dell XPS 12 another try, first uninstalling the Cisco VPN and eureka it worked, wireless was fine.

So I'd recommend backing up first just in case the windows 10 restore doesn't work for you, or you find other issues.

All in all I like windows 10 on the two machines upgrade worked out on.   It is fast, the new edge browser is better.  I finally have a good windows start menu back!  Nice.

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