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Friday, October 23, 2015

The best price for a 4G LTE hotspot/ data plan? $20/month 1GB 4G LTE + unlimited at reduced speeds

If you head on over to www.tmobile.com you can pick up a T-Mobile 4G LTE HotSpot Z915 for $109 for full price, and just $20/month for 1GB  4G LTE per month + 10GB Datastash of 4G LTE data and unlimited data at 2G after that.  The way that works is if you exceed your monthly 1GB then it will pull from your datastash for the rest of that month if you use more data.

You might have to call them on the phone to pay full price, or use the prepaid plan which might cost you an extra $15-35 up front.  But after that you have a 4G LTE plan for only $20/month.

You'll have to see if you like the coverage in your area.  T-Mobile has done some work to improve their network recently, maybe they've improved in your area if you have tried them before.    Previously coverage had been a little spotty in rural areas or even in some surprising places, such as the surrounding areas of Disney World in Orlando, Florida!  but at least from their coverage map now areas look like they may have a lot better coverage than before.

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