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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Would you want an Android Blackberry smartphone with a slide out keyboard?

Blackberry's plan Z is the Blackberry priv with it running Android.


Friday, October 30, 2015

Google Hangouts - finally video phone everywhere?

If you have yet to use google hangouts, you might not know what you are missing.

There are certainly other options on ios for apple and android, or alternatives like skype.  Google hangouts offer a nice ability for multiple people to have a group chat at the same time or 1 on 1.

The video quality is decent, can be HD.  Still occasionally has some quality issues.  But it is reliable enough.  Some companies use this capability exclusively almost completely in place of using phones now.

So if you haven't given this a try it might be about time.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Droid Maxx 2 and Droid Turbo 2 released for Verizon

Droid Maxx2 is basically the Moto X play rebranded, the price on it is ok if you really need or want the huge battery life.  The Droid Turbo 2 has a higher resolution, faster processor and shatterproof screen.

For more details visit the link:

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Google apps for business (not just for small business)

I have to admit I never thought or heard about large deployments of google apps or any cloud based apps to large companies.    Then I joined a company with over a thousand employees that used google apps everywhere.  I thought that was a big rollout of cloud based apps but if you check the post below you'll see even bigger rollouts.

Some of the best apps:
Gmail (I have to say I'm not a huge fan and still prefer outlook but I can get by with gmail).
Google Calendar (Works about as well as MS outlook with some benefits of Hangouts)
Google Hangouts (Good video conference you can use globally.)
Google Keep (Keep your notes online)
Google Groups (Group email discussion groups and mailing lists)

Google apps can run your business as long as you have a reliable internet connection.  Are there occasional slowdowns?  Just like anything on the internet yes but surprisingly very rarely.

Take a look at this post on some very large google app deployments:

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The lowest price for a wireless phone plan

At least pricewise the lowest price for a sort of nationwide wireless plan is:

(Both of these are prepaid)
www.metropcs.com - using the tmobile network
$30/month with 1GB data at 4G LTE speeds

The second best price is:
www.cricketwireless.com - using the AT&T network
$40/month with 2.5 GB data at 4G LTE speeds but ($35/month with auto pay)

(Be sure to carefully read the details of each offer and check the coverage, which may not be exactly the same as AT&T or T-Mobile branded coverage.)

Monday, October 26, 2015

Stop CISA - your privacy depends on it (protect your digital rights)

These companies all came out against the CISA (Cyber Security Information Sharing Act): Salesforce, reddit, Yelp, Twitter, and Apple Lead the Way.

The CISA provides immunity for companies to share your personal information.

For more information visit the eff.org link:

Take action by click here.

Friday, October 23, 2015

The best price for a 4G LTE hotspot/ data plan? $20/month 1GB 4G LTE + unlimited at reduced speeds

If you head on over to www.tmobile.com you can pick up a T-Mobile 4G LTE HotSpot Z915 for $109 for full price, and just $20/month for 1GB  4G LTE per month + 10GB Datastash of 4G LTE data and unlimited data at 2G after that.  The way that works is if you exceed your monthly 1GB then it will pull from your datastash for the rest of that month if you use more data.

You might have to call them on the phone to pay full price, or use the prepaid plan which might cost you an extra $15-35 up front.  But after that you have a 4G LTE plan for only $20/month.

You'll have to see if you like the coverage in your area.  T-Mobile has done some work to improve their network recently, maybe they've improved in your area if you have tried them before.    Previously coverage had been a little spotty in rural areas or even in some surprising places, such as the surrounding areas of Disney World in Orlando, Florida!  but at least from their coverage map now areas look like they may have a lot better coverage than before.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

A good site/organization to support to protect your digital rights

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a great organization for helping protect your digital rights.  They have participated and won in many legal cases, defending your rights.

Examples of cases they are working on preventing technology and laws from being used against you and your digital rights:

DMCA rule making
Automated license plate readers.
Fair use and intellectual property
Privacy, Cell phone tracking
Free speech
File sharing
Much more.

Please visit and consider donating to support the causes that help you:

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Windows 10 upgrading - Try it or not?

First question: How do you upgrade?
Either do all of the windows updates offered to a windows 7, 8.1 PC until you see a little window icon on your taskbar to click.
Go to the media creation tool from Microsoft: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10
and choose upgrade this pc now and you can avoid waiting for you reservation.

My first experience with upgrading to Windows 10 was not a good one.  I tried it on a Dell XPS 12 and the wireless didn't work after upgrading.  Luckily Windows 10 has an easy restore button that works some of the time.  So I did that to get back to Windows 8.1.  I got up the nerve to try it on a Dell 410, but it switched the default monitor on me and made it hard to use (and it seemed a little slow), so I rolled back.  I decided to try it on a Dell XPS 8500 but decided to back it up just in case first.  This one I knew ahead of time of the potential troubles.  I also found some articles to solve an issue with the Cisco VPN software I use. Good thing I backed up as the rollback wasn't an option for some reason on that machine.  Luckily though I figured out how to get the Cisco VPN working and all is good now.

Then I decided to give the Dell XPS 12 another try, first uninstalling the Cisco VPN and eureka it worked, wireless was fine.

So I'd recommend backing up first just in case the windows 10 restore doesn't work for you, or you find other issues.

All in all I like windows 10 on the two machines upgrade worked out on.   It is fast, the new edge browser is better.  I finally have a good windows start menu back!  Nice.

To learn more about Windows 10, some book links


Find it on Amazon click here

Monday, October 19, 2015

Netgear Nighthawk R7000 AC1900 - wifi router review

I've now had this router for many months.  I purchased it as a last resort thinking wifi wouldn't be a great answer for  my kitchen computer,  I had wanted to get hard wired since wifi wasn't working well for it.  When I was told it may cost several thousand dollars due to my finished basement, I decided to give the latest AC wifi a try rather than hardwire.  I can say I'm glad I did.

The router has worked great at home, with excellent wifi signal throughout.  It wasn't really good until I went to the AC receiver also on my kitchen pc, then all was excellent.

I don't have any sophisticated settings I needed out of the box.  What I found was a nice ability to support both a home and a guest wifi network on both 2.4 and 5.2Ghz bands.

- Good signal strength
- Good speed
- Easy to setup/use interface

- Main admin page displays your passwords in cleartext and not an https connection

Click here to find on Amazon

Friday, October 16, 2015

Doctor Who Season 9

(Because we know if you like, Tech you might also like Sci Fi :) )

I've found a lot of people that like tech also tend to like Sci Fi. I'm obviously no exception. 

If you can't get it from your cable provider on BBC America you can get it on Amazon.

Find it on Amazon click here

Thursday, October 15, 2015

New Verizon Droid phones on October 27th!

Rumor has it that it they will be the Droid Maxx 2 and the Droid Turbo 2 with Android 5.1.1

For even more details take a look at this site for details.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Pinball Deluxe for Android - Fun pinball game

This pinball game does a nice job for a pinball game on a phone. The free version comes with 4 different tables.  The play action is very good, the physics feel.  The table view moves so you can always see the ball even though the table is bigger than your screen.  The vibration when the ball hits the bumpers or flippers works and feels great.

The only con is the game ocassionally pauses or hangs for a few seconds.  Even with that this is the best pinball game to date that I've played on a handheld device.

If you like pinball games, give it a try.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Colornote App for Android - Easy/simple to use notes

If you need to take notes on an Android phone, most don't come with a note taking app.  Colornote is a nice option.  Simple and to the point it lets you create notes and organize them in a small noteboard.

The only negative is when going to a note it requires using the menu button and then clicking edit, nice in some ways to avoid accidentally changing a note, not so nice in that it takes the extra steps to edit a note.

In either case if you need to take some notes give it a shot.

Everyone may soon be doing their own oil changes! (90 second oil change)

It sounds like within the next five years or so they will have this tech deployed so oil changes may be a lot quicker than they are today.  Take a look at the autoblog for more details.  I'm wondering if this will be a money saver or another way to lock you in to buying things from your dealer.  I'm sure the oil change shops won't be liking this one!  Basically swap out your box of oil and done!

See the link below for full details:


Your future shave just got a lot closer with the Laser Razor!

The kickstarter campaign for the Laser Razor they were going for $160,000 in funding and at the moment the suspended campaign for over 4 million!

The Skarp Laser Razor: 21st Century Shaving (Suspended) project video thumbnail

Monday, October 12, 2015

Microsoft Surface Book the ultimate Lablet/Laplet ?!

That's right folks a true laptop and tablet  all in one ( should we call it a lablet?! or a laplet?!) that can work like a tablet or connect to it's base with keyboard and get even better.  It's almost like Microsoft read my mind about the Surface Pro, as I always thought the kickstand with keyboard combo would limit their usefulness in some cases (um like trying to use the surface pro on your lap.)  The Surface Book seems to solve that problem and add more power as well.

Pricing starts around $1499 and goes up to the high end around $2699. Not sure it will live up to the hype yet but the specs/features are drool worthy. (

More details here:

You can order on Amazon:

Click here to find Microsoft Surface Book on Amazon

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Antivirus not working well these days?

Antivirus as of late seems to be less effective than years ago.  I don't have any hard data to show that but recent experience.  It used to be most of the time I could find some antivirus program to resolve an infection.  But recently I've had many infections that could not be resolved by many antivirus programs).  Three computers I own recently were separately infected.  Two of them I tried many antivirus programs: Norton, McAfee , Webroot, ESET, BitDefender, MalwareBytes.  MalwareBytes found many items during a scan and would clean some things up but the virus persisted.  On two of the computers I gave up and had to re-install the entire OS.  On another computer I finally tried Kaspersky and it did found many viruses and seems to have gotten rid of them.  Given Wired's comments about Kaspersky I was a bit leery trying it, though it did a good job.  Webroot Spysweeper used to be my favorite, but on these recent infections it would often find no sign of viruses at all, when there clearly were.

Antivirus software as has been reported seemingly to have given up being able to resolve all virus infections and have started to expand to providing other options to help, such as password manager's, backup and encryption to seemingly foil some viruses/spyware.

Below are some good antivirus software links to Amazon for more info.

Norton Security find on Amazon

Kaspersky Antivirus
Click here to find Kapersky Internet Security on Amazon