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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Windows 8/Server 2012 -It can't be that bad right?!

Well the answer is yes and no.

The user interface definately has usability issues as pointed out in a previous post for desktop users at least.

The operating system itself on the other hand has some nice enhancements:

Windows to Go - can boot a usb version of windows.

USB 3.0 supported natively

Xbox live integration

Secure boot - prevents unauthorized changes to your systems boot

SMB 3 - Networking enhancement supports encryption, multiple channels to increase throughput and fault tolerance

Better multi-monitor support (link to an article)

Storage Spaces - supports creating a virtual drive out of many different disks and adding redundancy at the folder level.

Improved remote desktop - can support multimedia

Under the hood on the server there are quite a few enhancements added to improve performance for servers, networking i/o as well.

We won't really know how well these things work out in practice till more people start to use the OS, the good news is the OS itself seems to be quite promising... the user interface might need an update for desktop users.  I guess we'll see how well it works on touch screen devices when it is finally released to the public.

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