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Friday, September 14, 2012

Lookoout cable companies might want to rethink a la carte

It's starting to get much easier to avoid buying cable packages you don't want.  Often times you might find yourself interested in a particular cable channel to watch one particular show.  With cable companies you would end up having to pay for a package of channels.  Instead viewers are starting to have options like Hulu, Netflix or Amazon that might be more cost effective than paying more for channels you don't want/need.  Amazon's per episode pricing is a bit on the pricey side still of a couple dollars per episode... that's starts to add up... which can get to $30 or more per season.  Still potentially cheaper than a cable package for the same period of time that would cover, but still seems pricier than it should be.  That said, it is still a viable option if it's cheaper than the package offered by your cable company.

So cable companies, you better rethink your strategy... the internet is about to change your business model.

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