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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Vendors to beat Microsoft to Surface Pro punch?

It looks like hardware vendors like Samsung are poised to beat Microsoft to the surface Pro punch.
When Windows 8 comes out in October Microsoft promised a WinRT surface tablet.  They said that surface pro would be out months later.  It seams that hardware vendors will likely be ahead of the game.  Microsoft stores are already showing off windows tablet hardware from Samsung that once Windows 8 is released will likely match many of Surface Pro's features.

The interesting question might be is would the the surface keyboard covers work with the Samsung hardware once the WinRT surface is released.  If so perhaps the samsung tablet PC will offer many of the same features.  If not then perhaps might just be lacking the nifty cover keyboards.  I didn't match up each spec for samsung hardware to surface pro, but the main items seemed similiar.  i5 processor 128GB SSD.

I thought we might have to wait till next year for something like the surface pro, but perhaps not...

See details of the Samsung series 7 slate here:

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