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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kindle or Nook? Why not both on the same device! And that device is...

Let's face it being tied to one stores set of eBooks can be a drag.  If you own a Kindle not all books you might want are available and they don't sell a color device or touch screen, plus some books you want are on Barnes and Noble's Nook.  If you own a Nook, again not all books may be available for your device but you can find some of the books you want on Amazon.  Maybe instead of a Nook or a Kindle you need an android tablet?!  Notice I didn't say iPad.  Apple has already told Amazon and Barnes and Noble they don't want competition on book sales on their device so their apps won't be allowed to build in that functionality on the iPad.  So your safer bet is the Android tablets that can run both the Kindle and Nook readers, and give you the best options for books from both sites.  The Nook reader on android seems faster but harder to use.  The Kindle reader seems a bit slower on android but slightly easier to use than the Nooks.  Both let you get access to each stores books, purchase and download.  Plus with a tablet you will likely get color.  This works quite well on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.  So if you want some flexibility with the best access to eBooks on the planet, the answer is likely an Android tablet.

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