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Monday, August 8, 2011

Best Tech stories today - Amazon sharing too much?, Discount iPhone4, Apps store too much data

RadioShack runs temporary discounts on iPhone4:

Amazon  social network sharing too much?:

Smartphone apps store too much data:

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kindle or Nook? Why not both on the same device! And that device is...

Let's face it being tied to one stores set of eBooks can be a drag.  If you own a Kindle not all books you might want are available and they don't sell a color device or touch screen, plus some books you want are on Barnes and Noble's Nook.  If you own a Nook, again not all books may be available for your device but you can find some of the books you want on Amazon.  Maybe instead of a Nook or a Kindle you need an android tablet?!  Notice I didn't say iPad.  Apple has already told Amazon and Barnes and Noble they don't want competition on book sales on their device so their apps won't be allowed to build in that functionality on the iPad.  So your safer bet is the Android tablets that can run both the Kindle and Nook readers, and give you the best options for books from both sites.  The Nook reader on android seems faster but harder to use.  The Kindle reader seems a bit slower on android but slightly easier to use than the Nooks.  Both let you get access to each stores books, purchase and download.  Plus with a tablet you will likely get color.  This works quite well on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.  So if you want some flexibility with the best access to eBooks on the planet, the answer is likely an Android tablet.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G Quick Review


The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G Verizon tablet has been released in all of its android glory.  The interface on the Samsung is slick and fast with its dual core processor.  The screen is bright and crisp.  Sometimes when the lighting is lower than usual the display dims more than you might like, but generally stays readable.  Responsiveness was excellent with screens coming up very quickly in response to the touch interface.  It took a little bit getting used to the interface coming from the phone.  There is no menu button on the main UI like there is on an android phone.  You will find a soft menu button in some of the applications on the top of the screen rather than the bottom where you normally would find it on something like the droid X.

The keyboard was easy to use in portrait mode with two thumbs, in landscape mode it was too big for my hands to hold it and use my thumbs easily.  The keyboard feels comfy in landscape mode if you can put the tablet down.

The boot time is fairly quick, it seems significantly faster than a droid X though I haven’t timed it.


Sim card

Power/docking connector

Headphone jack


I was able to tether this through a phone.


The speed of the user interface is very fast.  Perhaps the fastest android UI available on the market.  The browser has been much improved and also renders and loads very quickly.  Even going over 3G and comparing a phone over 3G the Samsung galaxy tab browser seemed much faster.  The 4G browsing speed seemed almost as fast as wifi.  I did notice some occasional signal drop outs  with 4G signal during my daily commute.



Google Books











Google search




Media Hub

Movie Studio




Quick Office



You Tube

I had been hoping to find that Netflix would be accessible but it is not.  I also could not find the facebook app either.


The browsing experience seems much improved over the phone browsers.


Android version 3.1

Data plans

The Verizon data plans start at $30 for 2GB.

If you have a phone already with a hotspot and a data plan you might consider using the hotspot on your phone as the plan might be cheaper. 


The galaxy tab may be the first android tablet that meets or beats the functionality of the ipad in many respects.    That said the lack of equivalent good apps makes for a bit less of an experience.  I wanted to run Netflix and get wired magazine for example but those are iPad only apps at the moment.  Also even the facebook app seemed to be missing (although the google+ app seemed available).  If you can live with the fewer set of apps this android tablet seems by far the best I have seen so far.  I’ve only spent a few days with it so far, and I’m liking it a lot, just wish some of the ipad apps were available on android.