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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Amazon - lots of books, but where are the newspapers and magazines?

Amazon has lots of books now, is seemingly leading the market. I used to avoid the eBooks as there was a derth of books of the technical variety, but no longer.  Once hooked on eBooks I started to look towards newspapers and magazines.  I found the top newspapers in the country are online, but not many local papers.  Still now 6 months later the same papers are there and it doesn't seem there are anymore coming.  For magazines there are a few major magazines for Kindle but not much else, and not much has changed.  For newspapers there doesn't appear to be a lot of other options.  For magazines zinio seems to have quite a few popular magazines available on desktop, ipad, android platforms.  I'm hoping Amazon can get more local newspapers onboard, and more major magazines.  In the meantime if you want newspapers online you might have to look at individual solutions.  If you want magazines you might want to consider looking at Zinio for ipad, android, desktop.

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