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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Aliph Jawbone Icon - One of the best bluetooth earpieces

(I wanted to republish this from an older blog as I still have the same Aliph Jawbone Icon and it still works great.  It is still my favorite bluetooth ear piece over a year later)-------------------------------------------
Original below:

Aliph Jawbone Icon

April 15, 2010
I’ve been using a Jawbone Icon for a few weeks now, I wanted to provide a quick review of what I’ve experienced so far. One of the things I had been looking for in a bluetooth headset is the ability to be sure when I turn it off it stays off. Most bluetooth headsets just by tapping or holding a button they turn on. That means they often turn on accidentally, in your pocket, briefcase, etc. Very few headsets offer a good switch. The motorola flip out boom is one on some of their models. Now the Jawbone icon adds a small slider switch on the back that seems to do the trick so far.
One thing to be aware of, while I’m not positive this is the case it seems to me that some of the units tagged to have a specific voice profile, like the thinker, etc. may not be what it says. (At least the one I got sounded like one of the other voice profiles). I decided I liked the one I got better than the one I had planned to purchase though so kept it. I have not tried downloading other voice profiles yet.
I used the default earpiece that came with the unit which seems to fit pretty well. It is a different type of ear fit then I have seen before but seems to work ok but takes a little getting used to. It comes with in ear style and over the ear style pieces, I only tried the in ear.
I tested with an original verizon blackberry curve.
Sound quality:
The sound quality is good. Every caller I spoke with said the sound quality was good. When windy people still did notice the noise.
Sound quality on my side was clear. I did have to turn up the volume on my blackberry which made the sound louder on the Jawbone Icon.
There is no volume adjustment on the icon itself, it is supposed to auto adjust to the surrounding sound. It seemed to be loud enough when I turned the volume up on my blackberry.
Too early to tell. Need more testing on talk time.
Voice status feature:
The voice notify on callers calling, startup, call reject were ok. I found myself wishing for some better sounding ones like Arnold from “terminator” :)
It comes with just the wall charger and a really short cable to connect to it (and to usb to update the voice profiles/other features). I tried the website but didn’t download any voice profiles to try yet.
This is one of the smaller headsets I have seen. It is nicely styled and looks good. It seems to come in a somewhat glossy and matte style, with different default voice profiles.
All in all so far a couple weeks in the Jawbone icon is the best bluetooth earpiece I have owned to date. (I’ve owned mostly motorola bluetooth devices many different ones). It seems priced reasonably for a high end bluetooth headset. Those with corporate discounts at wireless providers like verizon might wish to purchase there and save on your accessory purchase. With those discounts and getting a device like this is a nice deal.

Update September 2015 - I've had the older model of this one now since I originally published.  I still really like it and still use it when needed.
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